What are BRC20 tokens?: Should you invest?

on the network in terms of transaction volume. This impressive feat has sparked the interest of many investors, who are eager to know more about BRC-20 tokens and whether they’re worth investing in. So, what exactly are BRC-20 tokens? And should you invest in them? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and give you an in-depth understanding of the potential of BRC-20 tokens.

What we are going to learn?


What are BRC20 tokens?

We all are aware of the ERC-20 tokens created on the backbone of the Ethereum network aren’t we? Well, BRC-20 is an experimental token standard that takes inspiration from the very ERC-20 tokens of the Ethereum ecosystem. With BRC-20, developers can easily build and transact fungible tokens using the Ordinals platform. These tokens are stored on the Bitcoin base chain and built with the help of Ordinals and Inscriptions. To deploy token contracts, mint tokens, and transfer them, programmers use ordinal inscriptions of JSON data.

The ease of use and the flexibility offered by the BRC-20 standard is what have attracted the attention of many developers and investors alike. The fact that it is based on Bitcoin, one of the most established and secure blockchains, only seems to have added to its appeal. Despite being inspired by Ethereum’s ERC-20, the BRC-20 token standard has some fundamental differences that set it apart. Unlike ERC-20, BRC-20 tokens do not employ smart contracts for their purposes. Instead, they rely on Ordinals and Inscriptions to operate. Additionally, BRC-20 tokens require a Bitcoin wallet to mint and trade, making them more accessible to Bitcoin users.

Popularity Received by BRC-20 Tokens

When the very first BRC-20 token contract was deployed for the “ordi” token, it came with a hard cap of 1,000 tokens per mint and a total maximum supply of 21 million tokens. Since then, the market capitalization of BRC-20 tokens has skyrocketed over the last month and now stands at currently stands at a staggering $120 million, representing an incredible 600% surge in the last week alone. During its peak on May 1, BRC-20 tokens experienced a volume of 366,000 transactions, while the total number of transactions on the entire network was 2.36 million. As the demand for BRC-20 tokens continues to rise, transaction fees have likewise swelled due to the increase in token activity. Since the network’s launch in April this year, miners have generated an additional 109.7 BTC in transaction fees, demonstrating the profitability of mining BRC-20 tokens.

Public Perception of BRC-20 Tokens

While BRC-20 tokens are still considered experimental, users are looking at it as an exciting opportunity for the use of tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. They believe that BRC-20 tokens provide a solution to a significant limitation in Bitcoin’s functionality, which is the absence of smart contract capabilities. This limitation previously made it impossible to create fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. By providing a standardized token protocol, BRC-20 tokens enable the creation of fungible tokens that can be traded and transferred like any other asset on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, it is important to remember that As with any experimental technology, there are still some challenges and risks associated with the use of BRC-20 tokens

Should you invest in BRC20 tokens?

The BRC-20 standard has already garnered a passionate community, with builders such as Unisat eagerly embracing the experimental token standard. Despite the creator’s repeated warnings that the BRC-20 standard has its flaws and the tokens may not have any value, the community seems undeterred and is pushing forward with new projects and use cases for these tokens. However, you must look at the scenario objectively.

Although BRC-20 tokens have garnered a lot of attention lately, it is important to remember that they are still very much in their experimental phase. While they may seem like an exciting new development for tokens based on the Bitcoin protocol, it would be premature to consider BRC-20 the “standard” for Bitcoin-based tokens. As with any new technology, it is important to exercise caution and not get swept up in hype.

In our opinion, BRC-20 tokens may not have the same longevity or impact as other more established tokens. They are still in the experimental stage and may be considered a passing fad. It’s possible that Bitcoin Ordinals could be more comparable to Crypto Kitties, which famously caused congestion on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, rather than the popular and highly valued NFT collectables like BAYC and CryptoPunks that have emerged in 2021.

This viewpoint highlights the potential issues with tokens and the perception that they may be more about hype and financial gain than actual technological innovation. It’s important to note that while the BRC-20 token standard has introduced a new layer of functionality to the Bitcoin network, it is not a guaranteed path to financial success. It’s crucial to do your research and understand the risks before investing in any token. Additionally, just because a token is based on the Bitcoin protocol doesn’t automatically make it safer or more secure than tokens on other blockchain networks.

Even though these tokens are built on Ordinals, we are of the opinion that the Ordinals technology might stand the test of time, but for BRC 20 Tokens to survive in the long term has a very low likelihood. We feel that once the hype diminishes, the value potential fo the coins will drop significantly and hence investing in then may not be the best option.

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